Ayurveda, which is also known as "Knowledge of Life", is one of the oldest health care systems on Planet Earth. This ancient wisdom originated in India around 6000 years ago. In our days it's well recognized all over the world for its effectiveness in maintenance of general well being, longevity and health overall. It's based on a healthy lifestyle and treats the whole human being, not only symptoms. Ayurveda as a holistic health system comprises diet, massage, detoxification, herbal remedies, meditation and right daily lifestyle.

One of the most important methods of Ayurveda is massage, which treats the whole human energetic system physically, emotionally and mentally through touch.

Some benefits of Ayurvedic massage:
Rejuvenating, increasing vitality
Relaxing, easing deeply all the the muscles of the body
Deep relaxation of the mind, reducing stress
Reducing mental and physical fatigue
Detoxification of the body
Boosting the effectiveness of the immune system
Improving circulation
Increasing body awareness
Increasing sexual power
Promoting healthy, glowing skin
Promoting alertness throughout the day
Promoting better sleep at night

During Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic full body massage, I apply 100% natural, organic, warmed herbal oil all over the body and hundreds of specific 
movements for releasing the tension from all your muscles and opening, harmonizing your nadis (energy channels).

If you feel like relaxing and rejuvenating and prefer a soft, gentle pressure without experiencing any pain, this is the perfect choice! 

Or do you need a very strong, deep tissue reaching massage because of suffering from stiff or painful muscles? Trust me, I can help you with that as well! 

The massage is tailor-made for you at the time of your session. It provides what your body and whole system needs for achieving balance and well-being.

​My philosophy is that only providing a complete body treatment is a proper approach in massage therapy. That's why I never perform partial massages.

​I provide full body treatments for reasonable prices.

70 minutes is the shortest time to perform all the essentials.

​In longer sessions I'm able to apply more techniques, these are more detailed, more high-end treatments.

When we finish your session, you will feel like a reborn, completely new person!

​​​    The therapy

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