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I'm Ari, a young, friendly man with bright spirit and warm heart. I live my days in the silence, peace and strength of meditation and yoga, I invite you to join me in this state of harmony during a massage session.
I've been practising the art of Ayurvedic massage since April 2010.

I was learning from an authentic Indian master, a doctor of Ayurveda. In the first three years of my journey I was employed in 4 and 5 star hotels, where I was able to build a strong,  deep familiarity with the method through performing more than two thousand massage sessions with great success.

Then I decided to upgrade: I became an independent therapist to provide my treatments in my own system.

I've been living in London since 2013 and helping Londoners to get rid of stress of the metropolis and to find harmony and strength again.

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